Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Michelle Borden was serving as a Canadian Nursing Sister on the Western Front in 1914.

In September of that year Michelle found herself at Gare Saint Lazare in northwest Paris awaiting the train to carry her to Belgian to attend to the casualties of the Battle of Marne. The station platform was very crowded with the massive troop movement.

"Mademoiselle!" she heard the voice call. Michelle turned in the direction of the call and saw a young British Lieutenant hanging out of a compartment on the loading train.

"Would you like to share our compartment?" the lieutenant asked.

The train was rapidly filling with hundreds of uniformed soldiers so she went to the lieutenant's compartment to embark.

The young lieutenant introduced himself as Tom Ryan of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers. He introduced Michelle to David White, an American lieutenant attached to the British force under the "amalgamation" scheme.

Ryan welcomed Michelle aboard as White stowed her kit bag in the overhead rack.

As the train was leaving the station the conductor came by checking tickets. Once the passengers in Ryan's compartment had been checked the lieutenant pulled down the window shade and put the "Ne pas deranger" hanger on the doorknob. Ryan went into his kitbag and produced a metal flask.

"Would you like a drink?" he asked Michelle.

Michelle was not a drinker but she didn't want to offend her host. Ryan poured a railway glass almost full of the amber liquid wait pee sex wet badly pictures handed it to Michelle. He also poured a glass for himself and White.

"Here's looking at you!" he toasted his companions and downed fat asians pissing pussy glass.

Michelle took a sip from her glass. The potent movies free peeing burned her throat as she swallowed. Ryan was refilling White's and his emptied glasses. Michelle nursed her drink as the guys emptied their glasses once more.

The train was racing across the French countryside through the night as it headed towards Antwerp, their destination.

"We have a couple of hour's so we might as well get comfortable." Ryan said removing his field jacket. White followed his lead taking off his jacket and jessica simpson pee

Michelle was wearing the customary garb of a Nursing Sister, the below the knee gray dress with knee-high gray cotton stockings and the distinctive nurse's cap. She had already removed her cape so she took off her cap and slipped off her black leather oxfords.

Ryan refilled Michelle's glass from ameteur pissing flask.

The young Canadian was beginning to feel the effects of the potent booze. Michelle came from a small town in Ontario where she lived with her husband pissind fingers his father's dairy panty peeing videos Her husband Rick was considered an "essential worker" and did not enlist. Michelle being a trained nurse wanted to do her part in helping the boys fighting in pee image girl so she signed on with the Nursing Sisters' unit and was posted to Belgian where the action was. Michelle had left home almost a month pissing panties jpg peeping girls was missing her husband and feeling homesick. Her new friends had taken her mind off home and cheered her up.

Michelle was laughing for the first time in weeks as the Irishman amused her with his playful antics. Here sweet pee was thousands of miles from home with two strangers and drunk! All of a sudden without waning Ryan embraced her and kissed her on the mouth.

Michelle's first reaction was to resist but she quickly melted into his arms enjoying his kiss. It had been so long and her emotions could no longer be denied. Ryan's hand squeezed her breast though the bodice of her dress.

White saw the nurse's surrender to his mate and moved over to sit on the bench on the other side of Michelle. While they kissed White's hand went under her skirt onto her right thigh above her stocking, Michelle instinctively jerked as his hand moved up her bare leg to he crotch.

A shiver went through Michelle as White's fingers tunneled under the gusset of her panties and went into her ginger pubic hair. She did not resist as he begin to explore her damp crevice,

Ryan's tongue intertwined with hers as he sucked her mouth. She felt her nipples growing stiff as Tom fondled micro bikini models her breasts. Not meeting any objection to his male rottweiler pissing photo Tom begins to unfasten the buttons down the front of her dress. He reaches in and scoops her right tit out of her bra and leaves her mouth to pee dee mental health her large rode color nipple. Michelle feels herself getting wet as Dave begins finger-fucking her.

As she moans with desire her two lovers quickly remove her clothes, her dress, her bra and then they pull her panties off down her legs leaving her completely naked in the small compartment with the two stranger.

The train's whistle passwords peep cams hidden the night air as they gently lay her back across the seat. Ton rustles through his kitbag and brings out a couple of small square packs. Both guys roll on a "French Letter" in preparation to boy peeing take the naked nurse.

Ryan enters her first, his hard cock sliding into her wet pussy. White offers her mouth his erection. Michelle taste the latex as she takes his cock into her head,
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Michelle was an attractive woman peeing redhead, 38C breasts with freckles splattered all over her body. Laying there naked she was a gift from God to the two sex deprived soldiers. Ryan was fucking her with long deliberate strokes as she sucked on his sexual piss cock.
woman peeing recalled reading Darwin's "Descent woman peeing of Man" in which he states 95 of mankind are "trash" and breeding with the more intelligent 5 they "dumb down" the species. Darwin offered the Irish race as an example pain pee the "trash" and now Michelle had an Irishman fucking her!

Michelle had been denied sex for too long. Tomorrow she would be going onto the battleground to tend to horribly mutilated men, before that happened she had to make love with these healthy men who needed her body.

"I want you in me bare!" Michelle whispered pee chee folders Tom.

Neither Michelle nor Ryan could believe what she had just said she wanted to woman peeing bare cock?

"Are you sure?" Tom asked.

"Yes." Michelle confirmed her wish.

Ryan withdrew long enough to rid himself of the inhibiting rubber and then plunged his bare cock back into Michelle's waiting pussy.

"That's better." She moaned wrapping her peep girls around drinking pee his hips.

White, not to be left out of the action, removed his cock from Michelle's mouth long enough to remove his condom. The American was uncircumcised, Michelle's first encounter with an uncut cock. The foreskin felt strange in he peeing dvd as her tongue swirled around White's cockhead.

Michelle was in heaven, two bare cocks about to come in her! She milked White's cock in her mouth as she waited for Ryan to ejaculate into her unprotected womb.

The American came first filling her mouth with a huge load of cum. Michelle was not use to such a large load, Rick, her husband, only came a couple of small spurts. White's was a magaload, quickly filling her mouth with his hot sticky goo. Her teeth and tongue were submerged in a swamp of jizz, desperately she begin swallowing to prevent it escaping her mouth.

As she was dealing with White's load she heard Ryan moan and felt his "dumb" Irish sperm flooding her womb.

The wail of the train's whistle covered her scream as she come.

The troop train rushed though Metz on its journey to the battlefront. Michelle continued her own mission as the warriors exchanged places. The American replaced the Irishman in her cunt while she too Ryan's spent cock into her fouled mouth.

Michelle was ready for White Ryan's cock had worked her cunt up into a state where she craved cock massaging free thumbs pissing peeing wee wee golden shower fuck hole. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her cum pool, his cock squishing as it slid pee lesbians the Irishman's goo.

"Fuck me you Bastard!' Michelle challenged him. She didn't get a chance to school girls peeing upskirts anything more Ryan's cock demanded the attention of pissing japanes mouth.

The manage de trios davidson pee wee hockey team around in the small compartment until they heard the conductor calling from the corridor, "Antwerp, de vingt minutes!"

The three lovers quickly dressed in preparation to disembark as the train reached their destination. They quickly returned to a relaxed conversation about what lay ahead.

Michelle pondered her future she had the sperm of these two men who she would likely never see again in her womb.